Maplestory mastery book 20 and 30 seconds

The problem is that most of them do it at a fairly high level. These books are dropped or npcd a hundred times per day. The innocent scroll and ark innocent scroll available in the equipment enhancement system will now provide appropriate descriptions when they cannot be used. Staff deals more damage but slower attack speed whereas wand is deals lesser damage but compensated with faster attack speed. Maplestory magician skill build guide inglory guild.

Seeing that the skill maxes out at 10, you have to get mb20 first before 30. The npc farm is a farm managed by the npcs of maplestory. Effects, master level of the chosen skill increased from 10 to 20 at a 100% rate. Ayumilove added 2 more ways on how to get free mastery. Open to receive a black weapon box, black secondary weapon box, mastery book 20, and mastery book 30. If you do not have funds to purchase higher level luminous mastery skill book or failed.

Mastery books 1006 old mastery books dont exist anymore. When completing content, the given mastery book has been replaced with a mastery box. The worst offender is the ghost ship quest line, which gives mastery book 20, but only becomes available at 150 ten levels after the character has all their sp and should have all their 4th jobs. Rapid fire is one of the core skills for corsairs that. Itll be helpful because of the long duration and that stuff, but it is not percent and therefore may not be as good. Special boss is immune to physical and magic attack for 20 seconds after being summoned. Zero starts at level 100, and its a difficult character to master, so i really dont. They do have a % success rate 70% for 20, 50% for 30, so you might have to buy more than one book for that skill. Dual blade rebirth flying assaulter mastery hidden street. There are certain conditions to use mastery book 2030. Advertisements found in this site are to support server and. Increases mastery of gun weapons and increases accuracy. Maplestory d ual blade is a adventurer thief class who wields a dagger and blade but are not able to to use claw and throwing star. Newtie, manon paralyze 30 leviathan, sharenian guild quest.

In addition, at a 30% success rate, you will deal 410% damage with an extra hit to 6 targets. Rewards are received upon character creation, and at level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 100. Prices of mastery book 20 and mastery book 30 have been decreased. That is, using it with any amount of sp greater than 5 raises the cap to 30. Dual blade rebirth slash storm mastery hidden street. Doubleclick it to raise the mastery level of a desired skill.

Stat distribution 1007 secondary stats barely exist anymore, and as such there is no need to put points into secondary stats. Lasts 18 seconds, reuse delay of 30 seconds, is cancelled with a 28% chance. You can buy 100% success lv 20 and lv 30 universal mastery books from the stores in leafre and henesys, or obtain them from quest lines such as silent crusade. Accept the quests through the event notifier on the left side of the game window. There are 5 quests that rewards mastery books that are specific to your job not random mastery books like the mystery mastery books. The explosion occurs 3 seconds after the charm is activated, and anyone in range takes damage, enemy and ally alike. Advertisements found in this site are to support server and related costs of maintaining this website.

Once silverbristles energy is full, use the summon silverbristle skill to mount silverbristle for 30 seconds and attack monsters. Kay so this is my video about the maplestory level up method from 20 30, its pretty simple just go to sleepywood and then to the dungeon and so on, so nothing more to say. Get maplestory free mastery books guide this entry was posted in maplestory and updated on july 18, 2014 by ayumilove. For 4th job skills, if the max skill level for a particular skill is 30, then you need to use the mastery book 20 to raise the cap to 20, and then the 30 to raise the cap to 30 to completely max it.

Primary stat is int intellect and secondary stat is luk luck. Resurrection flames will now be available in specific event shops. Maplestory warrior guide pc by jamjarness gamefaqs. Both the mastery books 20 and 30 are sold by npc booklerman in leafre. Lasts 22 seconds, reuse delay of 25 seconds, is cancelled with a 22% chance. During your turn, you will have 10 seconds to choose which direction to move left. Lasts 24 seconds, reuse delay of 20 seconds, is cancelled with a 19% chance. Maplestory magician is a adventurer magician class who specializes in either staff or wands. Hidden street is a fansite set up to provide cohesive and comprehensive information to maplestory gamers. Click here to try out the steam news hub for maplestory a steam labs experiment. The mastery box will give you a choice of a mastery book 20, mastery book 30, or 500 scroll traces.

Creates a dark orb to protect you from all attacks for 5 sec. Dark wyverns and manon 15m dropprice of mastery book 30. The most dangerous monster in maplestory, pink bean is the record holder for highest hp, and exp in the game. Attacks a single target 10 times for 162% damage per hit. Shikages ultimate hayato guide japanms updates and. Wand users can equip shields for additional defense and stat. The number of mastery books given when completing certain quests has been changed. Elquines 20 nest golem elquines 30 sharenian guild quest fire demon 10 quest fire demon 20 dark cornian fire demon 30 papulatus, lilynouch meteor 10 quest meteor 20 zakum 3 meteor 30 horntail paralyze 10 4th job advancement paralyze 20 jr. You must be defeating monsters near your level 20 levels below. There are several quest lines in the game that award mastery books 20, 30, or both.

Periodically restores talisman energy by 30 and scroll energy by 20. The extra attack numbers will show up as green numbers. Special mystery mastery books function as both a 20 and 30 book. Open to receive a weapon and armor set suitable for your class. But if you are playing on reboot world i think the only quest line that is worth doing for mastery books are the silent crusade ones since you can easily farm the. Whats the difference between mastery book 30 and 20. Open to choose from spell trace, mastery book 20, or mastery book 30. Mastery book 20 10 coins limit of 10 mastery book 30 20 coins limit of 10 100 power elixirs exchange ticket 5 coins limit of 5 per day adventure dining chair.

Keep in mind, that it says 70% because it has a 30% chance of not working. The lab server coin shop is available in lab server, allow players to buy items that to buff up their weapons with either lab server coins or mesos in lab server. The apple pie and the weapon box items have been removed from the waru coin shop, and the monster life farm reset scroll, mastery book 2030 have been added. Maplestory and any related images and content are ed by nexon. For example you need 5 sp into that skill to use mb20. Mastery book 20 10 medals limit of 10 mastery book 30 20 medals limit of 10 100 power elixirs voucher 5 medals limit of 5 per day.

If you would prefer to put book worth 0 mesos instead then go ahead and make an argument, but its really splitting hairs. Gods strike once per 12 successful attacks, hitting up to 10 enemies for 1700% damage 8 times. This guide applies tempest update where job advancem ent starts at 1st job 10 2nd job 30 3rd job 60 4th job 100. You can enter the npc farm through the friend recommendation list.

This quest can be repeated on levels 30, 50, 60 and 70. Different content will give different numbers of mastery boxes. If it fails, then youll have to find the same skill book again and hope it works. Discussion in guides started by plenty, nov 25, 2014. It does enough damage to kill a level 200 in one hit, and is insanely hard to kill. Maplestory mystery special mastery book luna princessninjato.

Spell trace x100 power elixir x2 reindeer milk x10 sunrise dew x10 lab server coin shop. Gun mastery effects increases mastery of gun weapons and increases accuracy. Once you pass a 70% skill book, and once you get your skills sp to at least 15, you can now increase your skill level from 20. These mastery books have a 100% chance of increasing your skills mastery level. Ayumilove hiddensanctuary for maplestory guides your one stop. Lasts 20 seconds, reuse delay of 25 seconds, is cancelled with a 25% chance. Barbecue set 1,500 mesos limit of 1 adventure performance chair. Sticks an explosive charm on 1 monster to create a powerful explosion. Power elixir, mana elixir, scroll for overall armor for dex 60%, scroll for wand for magic attack 60%, mastery book assassinate 50%, mastery. I have some mystery mastery books which ive no use for, i could open those and give you the books you need, if i happen to get them.

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